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Inside the Box

Smart Box comes standard with many unique features to create an exceptional user experience.

The Box

Powerful, quiet and adjustable fans that optimize airflow.


High quality LED lighting

Acoustic Panels

Manufactured with a combination of recycled materials, SmartBox’s sound absorbing panels assure a quiet and secure environment.


Durable, high quality materials are used for sturdy construction.


Dual USB ports and duplex outlets installed to power and charge devices


Each booth comes with a convenient desk to increase productivity and comfort.


Designed to accommodate one user comfortably, easily fit one or several SmartBoxes into whatever space you have.

Occupancy Sensor

LED lights and fans automatically turn on when in use and off when not.


Sound absorbing carpet is customizable and maintains privacy.


SmartBox moves easily when needed and stays in place once settled with heavy-duty, locking wheels.


An array of finishes, panels, and carpeting mean your SmartBox will be your own.


Our surprisingly spacious pods are designed for comfort and convenience. Your SmartBox comes complete with quiet ventilation, duplex power outlets, dual USB ports, adjustable lighting, and a stable work surface.


Each SmartBox is lined with noise-cancelling acoustic panels manufactured from 90% post-consumer recycled materials.

Standard Laminate

SmartBox’s standard exterior delivers a clean, modern look through the use of quality Tafisa® decorative laminate panels. Manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood materials, Tafisa®’s process ensures a renewable supply of raw material without compromising the environment for future generations.

For additional information on available laminates, including the textured wood grain color options, please refer to

Wood Veneer

Upgrade your booth with a wood veneer exterior for added sound absorption and charm. Manufactured by Echo Wood®, this attractive finish provides the desirable wood look without the negative environmental impact.

For additional information on the manufacturing process and sustainability of Echo Wood® products, please click here.


SmartBox comes standard with durable, modern carpet or synthetic turf flooring. Manufactured in a manner that is committed to the conservation of our natural environment, the sound absorbing flooring comes in three options to fit your personal style and coordinate with your other selected finishes.

Interior Acoustic Panels

SmartBox uses the quality products manufactured by Momentum Textiles for our acoustic panels and stools. Created from post-industrial, post-consumer recycled polyester, textile collection options include:

  • Momentum Pact – Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Momentum Odyssey – Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Momentum Hightower – Greenguard Gold Certified

For more information, please visit If preferred, customers may use their own material for acoustic tiles. Price furnished upon request.

SmartStool. Take a seat with Style.

Our original stool is cushioned with sound absorbing foam and wrapped in fabric for added comfort. SmartStool is versatile to fit the needs of many users—it allows for leaning, pivoting, and perching, and comes in a variety of colors and heights.


Never boxed in.

Accessories and upgrades to make your SmartBox yours.



Have a whiteboard installed above the desk in your booth for convenient note taking.


Extra Exhaust Fan

Improve the airflow in your booth with an extra exhaust fan installed in the ceiling.


Cup Holder

Avoid spills by having a cupholder installed in the desk of your booth.


Brushed Stainless Steel Desk

Upgrade your desk with a brushed stainless steel finish for a more modern, sleek look.


Charging Ports

Mounted to the desk are two USB ports and one standard US AC part to keep all your favorite tech fully charged.


Wireless Charger

Add a wireless charger to your booth to provide extra power without extra cords.